The Resonance In Your Soul (High Quality WAV File)

by Tachyon Musician KENTA HAYASHI

Tap Water 04:19
Slept Baked 04:25
Slept Baked i still remember the moment of the meditation on the roof it had given me the strongest confident in my life awaken baked and slept baked you had flaked but i won't be stopped who can feel my emotion well you can reel me but it's in the shell i don't want to go back to the dream world of nightmare i won't beat you so i got the brightest color hair be ready to go get it i woke up in the morning i cannot tell which the real world is i don't know how to say goodbye so many times you gave me the best nostalgia i'll miss i'll hear the resonance in my soul forever i see the light and it tells me to come back the rain is the sign of the emotion to go up the sound of the universe it tells me to go back the pain is the sign of the emotion to wake up come on lazy eyes you gotta hide
L To L skipping The R l to l skipping the r you got the bell to bell throwing so far hell to hell ripping the cars tell to tell crowing of war always there is a window i wanna go through i got the key to your soul but all days i've beeb just dreaming i only can see is your shadow in blue with a hole
遠のいてった景色 ーThe View Faded Outー 遠のいてった景色がまた僕を迎えに来るんだ 幻でもいいよ また君に出会えるなら 止まった時間の中 涙の海で泳ぐ 水平線の彼方に浮かぶ月を目指して 天に舞い上がってく幾千もの光が 僕たちに何かを伝えようとしてるんだろう もう泣かないでそっと心のドアを開いて 確かに見える 虹の架かった空が 降り行く雪と奏でるこの音は 涙乾く頃 朝日と消え行くのだろう 昨日見た月が光る 僕の中で君が笑う
Blue Sky 04:01
Blue Sky you and i living in the same ocean but there are two different emotions one is so wild and so cynical and killing the other one who's in the innocent world put it in the blue sky listen to the both side cut it in the half and you'll understand look at the sky hey the full moon comes out we shall smoke the cigar and drink some merlot it makes me feel alright and keep forgetting the life i once had in the chaos world put it in the blue sky listen to the both side cut it in the half and you'll understand we got use to that ice cold and heatness but we maybe dried out too much to even cry so why don't we just dive into this crazy fantastic world of LOVE and HATE
Avantgard Pony where she goes i found avantgard pony coming to my way the average feeling got me so numb why don't you go away she opens the door so i can't look away avantgard avantgard pony coming to my way nobody knows if she is going away why you said hello tell me
愛しき人々のストリート ーThe Street Of The Lovely Peopleー 朝日が照らすストリートで 一人涙を流す人笑顔で話す人 昨日をまだ大事そうに抱える人 今日を抱きしめて道を急ぐ人 hello hello 君は世界の愛しき1ページを今作ってる だからhello hello 君の世界のささやかな物語を聞かせてよ 寂しそうに沈む太陽が終わりを告げるよ また会えるかな 忘れないよ 木霊した声が響く 月明かりが照らすストリートで 待たされて怒る人 手を繋ぎ歩く人 終わらない夜の夢に酔いしれる人 もうすぐ来る明日に手を差し伸べてる人 hello hello 君は些細でも何処かの誰かの世界を動かしてる だからhello hello 君の世界のささやかな物語を聞かせてよ 優しく輝く満月が旅立ちを告げるよ また会えるかな 忘れないよ 答えを探しに行くよ 待ちわびた様に昇る太陽が始まりを告げるよ また会えるさ 忘れないよ 木霊した声が響く
Night Carnival we are the indigo children when you fall asleep i'll come pick up your soul we fall asleep when the sun comes up we wake up when the sun goes down the sound of the rainbow soul the nostalgia got me in your eyes i may understand the secret is the automatical meditation on the friday night don't forget to face the north only once in your life time
Rebirth 03:57
you are in the dark forest getting lost however that's in me i already found you here i'm not gonna tell you i'm not gonna tell you all until you find me until you find me here i could be in the rain covering my last two vain i could be that in the pain i wanna feel my last rain action your dream in the dark forest you don't have much time the cloud of chaos started covering this world action your dream in the dark forest but i'm still waiting for you open your door and step inside
二人だけのカーニバル ーThe Carnival Just For Two Of Usー 夕日が沈むと何故か寂しくて 声に出ない思いが溢れ出す 目を閉じると一瞬で変わる世界 蘇る二人で眺めたあの海 当たり前の日々が今輝いているよ 懐かしい音が今聞こえるよ 波の音が聞こえたら僕は旅に出るよ 木霊した声が消える時 君を迎えにゆくよ満月の夜 オーロラが輝く二人だけのカーニバル 朝日が登ると何故か嬉しくて 今日は素直に思いを伝えよう 目を開けるといつもと変わらない世界 それでも僕は今ここに立っている 新しい日々が今広がってゆくよ 聞いた事の無い音が今響き渡るよ 波の音が聞こえたら僕は旅に出るよ 木霊した声が消える時 君を迎えにゆくよ星が歌う夜 オーロラが輝く二人だけのカーニバル
The Magic Square your skin came inside of my soul and you gave me all the sounds the wall you put into my nail it's breaking the emotion i found i see the mirror and see myself what you said made me realized what i really need i see the light it leads me to the space won't you give me the secret bite it opens all the doors i'm stuck in the magic square they don't want me to breath the air i'm just wanting to share it seems to pretty rare where my friends go i'll follow i see myself coming from the window
Mm 03:07


All songs written, played, recorded and mixed by KENTA HAYASHI
at home studio

Mastered by Mitsukazu Tanaka
Art work by Taku Ohnari
Photo by Shunji Ueda

全曲KENTA HAYASHI自身が作曲、レコーディング、演奏、ミックスを全て宅録で行った。


released March 8, 2014


all rights reserved



Tachyon Musician KENTA HAYASHI Japan

After my instruments & I got tachyonized in Slovenia,
I started my healing project -Delivering Love & Light to the World via Music-

releasing songs in Solfeggio Frequencies and some other healing tunings like 432Hz every month which were recorded with my tachyonized guitar.

Each frequency has different special effect, so please use them as you wish for yoga, meditation, relaxing & sleeping :)
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