The Flavor From The Oasis (High Quality WAV File)

by Tachyon Musician KENTA HAYASHI

The Flavor Of The Oasis it's from the desert whenever I'm lost it leads me to the right place I'm thirsty but what I want is not water the memory got me stuck in the fantasy how long how long should I dream about it I know the answer is in my soul I'm listening give me a perfect silence it's telling me to meditate in the pyramid when chakra opens all the seven points it will guide me to enter nirvana I just want to smell the flavor from the oasis the wind from the desert will bring me some day I don't know how long it takes but I'm waiting for you the mirage seen in the sky at dawn has started talking to me like a rara avis it gives me all kinds of emotion and motion like the rainbow you once put in my dream
The Rain In The Secret Garden it started raining in the garden I know that place really well I would love to go there if I could but I can't go there at anytime to get there I have to go over the hill go through the forest and the long dark tunnel it's scary and a long journey but if I don't get lost I will make it to the secret garden I can feel the world I have never felt before I can see the world I have never seen before however I know that I was there a long long time ago with the angel I am still living in the same nostalgia I wanna go back to the place where I belong
Snow Patrol 03:30
Choosing The Blue I'm in an emotional world there is rainbow over the sky the universe is asking me would you choose the blue? I am just letting the voice come into me my soul knows the answer I am just afraid to make the first step why I will not? the eyes in the deep sea are looking at me I just nodded hello my angel she merely smiled at me the stones she gave me are shining the new world just opened its door everything started in the May it leads me to the secret bay now I am ready to dive into the ocean let's take the first step and let go my body the blue wine is the best drug in the world like J and Y and we will wake up and we will be perfect in the world which has no fear hello my angel she merely smiled at me the stones she gave me are shining the new world just opened its door a reason is not needed for choosing the blue
Drill 03:56


3rd EP -The Flavor From The Oasis-

This is the first album Kenta created with various electronic sounds.
Sharp beats and intimate melodies made the endless sonic possibilities of unique mixture electronica.

additional musicians
Seiichi Sakuma from digda (drums on track 1.& 3.& 4.& 5.)
Victoria Ashley Bailey from digda (vocals on track 1.)
Tomofumi Tanizawa (noises on track 2.)
BLACKUR0 (vocals on track 3.)

Lyrics & Music by KENTA HAYASHI

All the songs are written, played, produced, recorded and mixed by KENTA HAYASHI at home studio
Mastered by Mitsukazu Tanaka at Studio ATLIO


released July 11, 2016


all rights reserved



Tachyon Musician KENTA HAYASHI Japan

After my instruments & I got tachyonized in Slovenia,
I started my healing project -Delivering Love & Light to the World via Music-

releasing songs in Solfeggio Frequencies and some other healing tunings like 432Hz every month which were recorded with my tachyonized guitar.

Each frequency has different special effect, so please use them as you wish for yoga, meditation, relaxing & sleeping :)
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